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If a church donates $600 or more to a missionary and as requested checks are made payable for example to "John Smith Missionary" and the funds are used for missionary work is the church required to issue a Misc 1099 to the missionary?

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Missionary Funding
by: Jon

Can a church pay a missionary out of the general fund if there is not enough money to pay him for the month from the missions account?

Missionary Donations
by: Anonymous

Unless the name "John Smith Missionary" has been incorporated or registered as its own 501(c)3, then you would issue a 1099-M.

I am a full-time missionary serving overseas, and donations for our work go through a mission organization. Supporting churches do NOT have to issue a 1099 when it is written to another organization. However, when our mission organization forwards those funds to us to utilize on the field, they issue us a 1099 at the end of each year because we are looked at as independent contractors (not employees).

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