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My husband and I are wanting to start a home-church or micro-church in another setting. We have been working with several individuals one-on-one (discipling) and feel God wants us to gather together for worship together. If we launch a new church, how do we handle the offerings? Do we open a checking account in the new church name? How about expenses like if we have to rent meeting space?

My husband is ordained and our new church could be affiliated with our District/Denomination, which has 301c3 status. Is that sufficient if we identify (through District Board minutes) "under them" as far as tax-exempt for donations? I'm assuming we would need to keep track of giving from individuals for their taxes. I'm also assuming we need someone other than us (pastor/and wife) to manage the books. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thank you!
by: Ramona

Thank you!

New Micro-church
by: MarcusNTexas

I assume you are actually referring to 501(C)(3) so I suggest that you go to the following IRS website:


In order to avoid all "appearance of evil" (I believe the Apostle Paul may have given that advice in one of his epistles).......you must have a third party serve as your bookkeeper or treasurer, and it should be someone who is experienced in that field. I have served as volunteer treasurer for my church for over five years now and I work with our Stewardship/Personnel Committee on financial matters. Our operating budget this year is over $500,000 and we have about 120 church members.

I do not generally take any directive from our pastor as far as finances are concerned, other than to keep him informed as to the status of the operating budget, especially as we enter the final 4 months of the budget year. We also have Business Meetings six times each year.

So with a new start-up church, you must have someone other than yourself and your husband handle the accounting and budgeting job even if that person will not be handling huge sums in the early years.

You must also establish a separate bank account as soon as possible for the treasurer/bookkeeper to use to deposit tithes and offerings into and to pay the bills.

I also suggest that the church members elect several members to serve as the Stewardship Committee and work with the treasurer/bookkeeper. It may also be wise to have a member of that committee co-sign all checks along with the treasurer/bookkeeper.........just to be safe....

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