Membership Plus Software Application

by Deana Raymond
(Oakland, CA)

Does anyone know where I can find instructions or information on how to use Membership Plus 10?

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Membership Plus
by: Janis

My church has used membership Plus for many years. Recently we had to replace our computer and we don't know where our disc is for Membership Plus. We don't want a subscription. Can we purchase the new version of Membership Plus?

need cd memeber plus 12 download
by: Anonymous


I need to download membership plus 12 and I trying to new computer. I'm struck.. I can't find out transfer to new computer...... help me out.

by: Anonymous


Any recommendation as a replacement for membership plus? apparently, it is not compatible with windows 11 even after turning on the compatibility option.

Thank you

Can’t Print from Membership Plus 7.0
by: Mark

All of a sudden we can’t print or export and reports from MP. Running on Windows 10.

by: Vickey

Please do not post your email and phone number on anyone's site. It goes out for the world to see and regrettably there are a LOT of wicked people in this world =(

I had a scammer post here today that he had a disc available. I have deleted and banned that poster and I will turn on additional security where every comment has to be approved, but I will not post anymore inquiries on obtaining copies of this software.

Please contact Membership Plus Software support.

Membership Plus Software Application
by: Anonymous

Where can I purchase?

by: Anonymous

Where does one get Membership Plus 12 or Deluxe version.

Anyone have a copy no longer needed?

Reward offered for working disk.


Help with restore
by: Liz

We are a small nonprofit. I need help restoring a file. This is a long shot but can someone call me that knows how to restore the database? Thanks

Looking for a membership plus down load
by: Anonymous

our computer has gone down, I need another membership software is anyone selling one, I can't fine my disk to load back on can someone help me to where I can find one?

Changed Computers
by: G. Matthews

I changed Computers which I had Membership Plus (2007)

Need it on My new Computer. How do I get code.

Who can I call?

NOTE: I removed your email and phone number, so you won't get more spam than the awful amount we usually get everyday =) If anyone needs your email, I can provide it with your permission.

I have never used Membership Plus, but I did a Google search and found this:

Hope it helps.


I need Membership Plus software
by: Cindy Lilley

My computer crashed and I am desperate to find a copy of the software to put in my new computer. I had Membership Plus 12. It is no longer available. Can anyone help?

also need membership plus ver. 12 cd
by: kenny

also need membership plus ver. 12 cd

Desperate need of Membership Plus installer!
by: Anonymous

My church secretary has Membership plus 12 installed on a computer and we don't have the installer anymore, her office got moved and she has a new computer, but on that computer she has a really old version of the program (7) and backups from version 12 won't restore on the new computer, I will be really glad and grateful if someone would be so kind if by any chance of life they happen to have Membership Plus 12 Installer lying around.

Need Help
by: Anonymous

We need something compatible with windows 10?

Need Membership Plus 4.0 disc
by: Anonymous

My computer crashed and am in need of a Membership Plus 4.0 disc. Can anyone help me?

(I have removed your personal info so you will not get spammed. If anyone has a disc they can share, please contact me and I will send you their information - Vickey)

Help with CD Code
by: Anonymous

We have had Membership Plus for quite a few years but this year it is asking for a CD code. Can anyone help or tell me where to find this code?

Does anyone know of a code we could use to reinstall the software?
by: drkerns

Our hard drive crashed and we have to reinstall the software. It is asking for a code which we do not have and cannot get from the old computer.

The files show as mem11.dat but the disk have a cover description of Membership Plus 5. Not sure if the disks are the proper version as we may have downloaded from the latest version internet when we installed about 7 years ago.

Any help you can provide would be great as we cannot get to member contributions prior to September and cannot enter any new contribution data.

Still using MP version 12.5.3
by: MoneySaver

Version 12.5.3 seems to be bug-free and allows the entry of unlimited contributions. Versions above 12.5.3 limits the number of contributions.

ACS, as you know, acquired the vendor of MP and stopped support. They offer a replacement package with a monthly fee.

Hopefully, you have version 12.5.3. If you are continuing to use MP please run backups at least weekly. Look under the menu and write down your Site ID and Registration Code. Put in secure place with your installation. With this information, we were able to reinstall MP on a Windows 10 computer. We had issues, like archiving, but restoring from backup has kept us going.

We also print our contribution statements to PDF files quarterly JUST IN CASE! I stress and verify that backups are being made.

We considered Flockbase as an MP replacement, but users still prefer MP

Take it from an old IT Specialist/Accountant... Backup, Backup, Backup

Membership Plus reports not working
by: Fred

Our church computer died; I installed Membership Plus software on a different computer and restored backed-up data sets; looks good so far... but the reports are not working. I get an error message, "DBISAM Engine Error # 11010 Table 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Membership Plus\Version11\Reports\Filter.DAT' does not exist.
Appreciate any help

Membership Plus 12
by: Jim

I'm having difficulties in archiving contributions. Is there anyone that can help me, I've reached my limit of 5000 and can not enter any more data.Since help is no longer available through the company, I'm hoping someone can give me a little help.

Need a copy of version 11
by: Mary

Does anyone have a copy of membership plus version 11 that they are willing to sell? I cracked my copy and need to load on a new computer.

Membeship Plus by ACS
by: Lanette

I am looking for any instructions and/or help with Membership Plus software by ACS - they have stopped support and I inherited this software with no manual. Just some basics on settiing up members - family vs individuals and setting up attendance.

Reply to: JWS Temple (cannot find MP disc)
by: Anonymous

To: JWS Temple
Did you ever get your problem resolved?
I don't know for sure, but I might be able to help.
You didn't leave any contact info (email, etc)
I am not affiliated with the company...just a former user of the software.

Membership Plus
by: JWS Temple

Our Computer crashed. I have backup files for our Membership plus, but I cannot find our old disc to reload on our new computer so I cannot get to these files. Does anyone know how to get a copy of the disc so I can get to my information?

membership plus 8
by: Anonymous

My church needs a activation code for membership plus 8. We put in a new computer and need activation number

Membership plus 12
by: Harry barber

Looking to buy a copy of membership 12 that works with windows 7

Monrycounts 9.0
by: Anonymous

I just completed the first year of using moneycounts 9.0 on win7. All was well.

Membership plus is a BUST
by: Anonymous

We have it and there is little to no tech support without paying A LOT for it!!! And the glitches that happen all the time are driving me insane.. We are currently looking for new software..Tech support charges tons and they don't really explain what you are doing wrong or if you are doing something wrong.
We are a church with around 180 members, and was using this software for about 3 yrs and the last admin that used was completely flustered with it as well..

Version 12 Membership Plus
by: Yisraela

I have had no trouble with Membership Plus. The new Standard Version 12 works for Windows 7 so 'am curious why the Deluxe version does not. It seems reasonably priced to me.

We are a congregation of 150 donors. We transfer the contribution data over to QuickBooks for further reporting for P&L purposes.

Good product
by: Anonymous

I have used MSP for years, it is great for churches. tracks pledges, contributions, attendance, equipment, schedule for rooms and equipment.

Accounting was added a few years ago, which is great and give great reports.

Downside is it does not offer a payroll module. Tech support is good, and is offered free when you purchase the program.

Training sessions are offered at a cost but it is done one on one to meet your needs using your information.

MoneyCounts from Membership Plus
by: David S

I have used the Money Counts part of Membership Plus Deluxe for over 15 years, It has done a good job for me and I am comfortable with it.

My problem is it will not work on Windows 7. If our 5 year old computer dies, I will be in trouble. We are a small country church in upstate NY,

Membership Plus 12
by: Barbara

You are so right about little help with this program. I too think they want more money to teach the soft ware. I've looked and looked for help with this program. I wish I had never bought this for our church.

Membership 10 tutorial
by: dynaplay2

Not much available but you can print out their tutorial but they really want you pay for online coaching I am going to try to do this program starting soon if you can wait and I would help as much as possible do you havea specific problem?

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