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Married couple donations

We have a married couple in our church that file their taxes individually. For this reason each one make their individual contributions to the church and I keep their contributions separately in our contributions database. This year, after I issued their individual contribution statements, they asked me to issue only one statement (the wife's statement) to include all their contributions. Is this acceptable under the IRS regulations?

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Feb 02, 2014
end of year statements
by: Sandi

I didn't find anything on the IRS site.
However if they are giving separate donations our church would give separate end of year statements.

What they do with them is between them and the IRS. the statements are not sent to the IRS and only needed if audited.

Our church sends anyone that gives with envelopes and any loose checks over 250.00 an end of year statement. We have a family that gives one envelope for their personal and one for their business...and receive 2 end of year statements, not the same but hope it helps...

You can always call the IRS and ask


Feb 03, 2014
Married couple donations
by: Anonymous in NC

If she wants a combined statement and both have donated their own separate checks, I would do a statement for Mr. & Mrs. So & So. The individual statements already issued would need to be returned to the church.

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