Issuing a 1099

by John
(Green Bay , WI)

we are a small Wisconsin Church and we are looking to pay a women about $200.00 per week for secretarial work as a non-employee.

what must the church do to with the IRS to issue a 1099

Thank You

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W-2 or 1099?
by: Vickey

First of all....make VERY sure she qualifies as an independent contractor.

Under today's new "test" ...if they don't have their own business and get multiple 1099s from LIKE businesses...the IRS pretty well considers them employees.

Worker misclassifications can cost the church dearly in penalties and payroll taxes.

See my article:

Now, if she has a "business" that she takes care of multiple organizations' secretarial duties...then you just need to get a completed and signed W-9 form her BEFORE you ever issue that first check.

Then in January of the following can use a 1099 software and file the appropriate forms and send her a 1099-NEC.

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