Is there a fee for this service?

by SGreene
(Sparks, NV, USA)

Hello - just checking to see if there is a fee to ask questions? Also, we can see questions from others, but when I click on them, I don't see the answers?? Do we have to subscribe?
Thank you,

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No Fee But ...
by: Vickey

I don't charge a fee to answer questions submitted here on my site=)

If it involves more than a brief answer, I will ask that you book a consultation with me or any other qualified church accounting or payroll expert.'s just me and I am also the owner and manager of a thriving bookkeeping and payroll business, so I can't always answer every question submitted.

If I have time and can post a quick reply, I will post the question and my answer at the same time.

If I'm totally swamped, I will just post the question and hope one of my readers will answer the question=(

I do check the comments though and if I disagree with the answer a reader has supplied, I will comment back with my thoughts =)

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