Income and Expense Reporting for small church

I need a simple way to record Income (member donations) and expenses for a very small church (less than 50 members.)

I am not a bookkeeper in all fairness. I am the church administrator but have no expertise in bookkeeping.

Please advise simple way of tracking income and expenses for someone like me. Thank you!

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Spreadsheets or Aplos
by: Vickey

Well the cheapest way would be to get the Spreadsheet Package that has a workbook for tracking and reporting donations and a workbook for tracking deposits and expenses for accounting purposes.

BUT those 2 workbooks do not "talk" to each other. Which means they are not connected and you would need to enter donations in one and then enter the deposit in the accounting spreadsheets.

If you want to try a very easy to use software that tracks donations AND then the software enters those into the accounting might want to try Aplos.

See my review on that software by click "Software" in the top Nav bar and then click on "Aplos".

Don't know how long it will last but they have a special going on right now that you can get 50% off for 12 months!

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