How would you treat QCD contributions to General Fund

by Kevin
(Springfield, PA USA)

How would you treat and report QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) that go to the general fund.

In our contribution tracking software the general fund is marked as tax deductible and all contributions to that appear on the givers statement as tax deductible.

However, as I understand QCDs they are not tax deductible because it would count it as twice(reducing income and then the deduction).

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Recording QCD Contributions
by: Ginger

When I receive the checks for a QCD, I record them in our giving software as a "non-deductible" and note the funding source in a memo - for example Ameriprise, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, etc. By recording them in the giving software, I can apply them to any pledges the member has made do different funds. Then, I also have a spreadsheet with details on the check from each donor. In January, I send each QCD donor a letter with a list of the checks detailed and include the required verbiage stating we are a 501c3 and that no tangible benefits were received in exchange for their contribution.

Same QCD question here
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same question for our statement reporting. I also wish the financial institutions issuing the contribution check would provide better consistency and documentation... they are all over the board.

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