Handling of the offerings for the service until accounted for.

by John

What is the best protocol for handling and storing of cash, coin and checks taken during the service until such time it can be accounted and deposited at a bank.
Particularly, where and how stored and who can have access to it.

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Or use a drop safe with two keys
by: Tim Stephenson

Another approach is to use a drop safe with two keys.

There's a slot in the top where you can insert currency and non-rolled coins. This can be done immediately after the collection.

Then, when counting time comes, it takes two keys to open the safe.

The two who hold those keys can count, or can hand the money off to a counting team. But nobody ON THEIR OWN can get into the safe before it is counted.

Handling of the offering. . .
by: Lewis in NC

After each service there should be trustworthy offering stewards/ushers--three maybe to fill out a Loose Cash receipts report and initial beside the amount of loose cash counted. The report should be a small form showing type of worship service and the date and minimally the total loose cash received in the offering and signed by the three people. The offering then should be stored by the three people in a fireproof combination lock safe or taken to the bank night deposit box until later pickup for actual counting and posting to contributors.

The loose checks,cash sealed in collection envelopes, and checks sealed in collection envelopes of the above offering can be counted later by the office administer/secretary, or the two or three people who are charged with doing the deposit and posting contributions. Hope this is helpful.

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