Giving Financial Statements to Member

by Shirley
(Augusta, GA, USA)

I have been a member of my church for almost two years. Recently I was talking to a former member and was told that the pastor made a statement from the pulpit that "if anyone asked for a Financial Statement, they would be asked to leave."

Now, the last two churches that I attended always gave out the statements with the Contribution Statement. I'm not one to "rock the boat" - but feel that a statement like that just isn't right.

As members, we should be allowed to see just how and where our contributions are going and how the church is handling the finances.

Could someone please reply?

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Financial Statements
by: Anonymous in NC

I agree; financial statements should be periodically made available to any and all church members. Just ask for one yourself; you will probably get one. If you are denied, then many other questions should be in order.

Financial Statements
by: Anonymous

I think you should go directly to the pastor to see if he really made that statement and if so, why. I believe financial statements should be made available to any member of the church who desires to see them.

by: Anonymous

Our church has a report that we get when we have a monthly meeting.It is a breakdown of the previous months receivables and payouts. We have a chance to read over it & if there are any question the person who prepares it answers. We have a policy to have communication so things do not get distorted. It is a members right to know where the money of the church is being spent.

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