Gifts from the Church Taxable?

Is money given by the church to the pastor for Christmas and for pastor appreciation included in W-2 Earnings?

Vickey's reply
It would be taxable.

If the gift was taken up as a love offering from the church as a whole and the monies were processed through the church then the church would be responsible for adding it to his reported income.

If church members gave the Pastor their gifts to him personally it would be up to the pastor to report it.

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Gifts Taxable to Independent Contractors
by: Vickey

Yes, it would be added to his 1099-MISC if total over $600 for calendar year.

Gifts to independent contractors
by: Anonymous

Are monetary gifts given to a person the church pays as an independent contractor reported on their 1099. For example, the independent contracor receives a "Christmas Gift" of $xx.xx from the churches budgeted funds. Is the church required to include this amount on the independent contractor's 1099?

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