Free Will Donation

(Morton, IL)

We have a dinner fundraiser where the attendees are asked to make a free will donation to the youth program (specifically their summer mission programs).

Postings related to this state that the amount on their contribution statement should be the amount donated less the cost of the meal. I have no way of knowing the amount it cost for the meal, nor do I know if the amount received is for 1 attendee or more.

Since I do not have the information in order to deduct the cost of the meal, should I not include these donations on the attendees contribution statements?

Thank you!

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Thank you!
by: Michelle

That is a great suggestion, THANK YOU!

Free Will Donation, including cost of meals
by: Lewis in NC

Why not leave it off the contribution statement and insert a receipt for the free-will donation and point out on the receipt that meals had been provided. That way the donor can estimate the cost of the meal and exclude it from their charitable deduction for the upcoming tax season. The ultimate responsibility for what to deduct is left with the donor anyway.

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