Free Accounting Software

by Russell Montgomery
(Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)

A free alternative to QuickBooks is GNUCash and is downloadable from The product can operate on different platforms e.g. Windows, Linux and Mac OS 10. It is not just a checkbook program like Quicken and Microsoft Money but it an actual accounting package.

A free alternative to using Microsoft Office is OpenOffice which can be downloaded from OpenOffice was written as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. You can work with Microsoft documents and spreadsheets with OpenOffice. OpenOffice replaces Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Previously our bookkeeping was done with Quicken and we couldn't get real reports but since Quicken and Money are going away we went looking for an alternative. We had very limited funds so this met our needs.

There is a large user community to help with support for both GNUCash and OpenOffice. I have been using OpenOffice for several years and GNUCash for one.

All of Vickie's spreadsheets work with OpenOffice.

Vickey's Reply

Thank you Russell! I will look into GNUCash and I am thrilled to hear my spreadsheets work with OpenOffice. I am all for saving our churches money with anything FREE :-)

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OpenOffice Base
by: Bob

Has anyone created or know of a church s/w database from's "BASE"?

I have used a database software called Lotus Approach which another member had created for tracking contributions to our small church with reports, etc. for years. It works great but is no longer supported. It would be great to find out if someone has created on out of "BASE". It would be free and easy to use for contributions.

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