Filing church taxes

by Rowena Roby
(Elizabeth City, NC, Pasquotank)

Do all small churches, no mater how small, file church taxes each year if they are set up as non proper/tax exempt?

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Does My Church Need to File Taxes
by: Anonymous

I have a very small church, which started over a year ago. I'm not quite sure if we need to file taxes or not?

My church Secretary/Treasurer is new to all of the church admin operations; she does not have a clue on how things operate financially,bless her heart, she has been doing her best in trying to keep and maintain our church accounting records, I know how this can be quite frustrating to say the least.

Still I would like to know for certain if the church should be filing taxes. We are not 501(c)3 as of yet.

Qualifying Churches are Automatically Tax Exempt
by: Vickey

No...if it meets the criteria of being a church...accourding to the IRS guidelines.

See this post for more information.

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