Filing church records

I need to know from church secretaries what filing system they use to file church correspondence, financial records, personnel records, etc. or can they recommend a website that would be helpful.

Thank you. I love the free accounting website. I have learned so much. Keep sending ideas and suggestions.

What filing system do you use? Got some tips and advice on this subject? Please post your answer or comment by using the "comment" link below. Thank you!

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by: Anonymous

How long do we need to keep bank statements , paid bills , ETC ?

by: Anonymous

We have a small church (average 45 people) I have set up our files this way, but it depends on the size of your church as you may need more or less folders...
Church correspondence: folder by year (hanging) then month (manila)

Financial records:
year (cardboard thing) then by month (hanging) with the month folder having 3 folders:
1)Checks written folder (manila)-each check written has a disbursement form and filed in numeric order.
2)Bank statement and report folder (manila)-bank statements with balance sheet and reconcile also other reports run for council for the month
3)Offering folder (manila) these have the weekly donations with the envelope #'s only. The master with the names is kept in a separate file.

Personal records: by name (hanging) then year(manila)


Financial Filing System
by: Diana

I use a very simple and easy system. Since, I use QuickBooks Online, if I am looking for a particular item, I can locate it and go directly to the manual file if need be.

I set my hanging files: Jan - Dec. The month tab is on the first hanging file along with a tab for Bank, next files in this order: Receivables, Payables, Reports, Other.

The manilla folders are labeled, i.e., Name of Church, January 2010 - Financials - Receivables. Each manilla file to be inserted into assigned hanging file. Takes little space this way.

The same is done for each category.

Payables: If I am writing a check, I separate the bottom of the check used in QuickBooks, attach it to a second copy printed from QuickBooks for the file and attach the receipts to it, it keeps the receipts in place neatly.

I hope this helps.

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