E-Giving and a W-9

by Melvin
(Columbus, Ga)

We are not 501c3. Should we have to provide a W-9 to the company processing the online receipts of Tithes and Offering. We do not file income taxes

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by: Anonymous

IRS shows no record of our having a 501C 3. Is that a legal requirement? Molly

Filing out a W-9
by: Vickey

Not sure what you mean by "We are not 501c3". If you are considered a church with the IRS, you are automatically considered a 501(c)(3).

I don't know why they would need one from a church. You might call and talk to a representative. If you are required to fill one out, make sure you mark the box to show you are incorporated (if your church is a corporation).

by: Anonymous

We are not either but we get W-9's from people we pay regularly to have proof they are not an employee.

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