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Setting Up the Automatic Workbook

Make your accounting spreadsheets more suitable for your church or nonprofit organization by customizing your Automatic Accounting spreadsheets.

Church Accounting Package

A set of 4 ebooks that covers the following topics...

  • Fund Accounting Examples and Explanations
  • Setting up a fund accounting system
  • Donation management
  • Minister compensation and taxes
  • Internal controls and staff reimbursements
  • Much more - Click here for details
Setting Up the Automatic WorkbookSetting Up the Automatic Workbook

Setting Up:

Sit down and write out your Chart of Accounts and decide what funds you are going to use.

Open up the Budget to Actual worksheet. It is the second one. Fill in your Chart of Accounts and Funds on Budget to Actual  report and it will autofill the rest of the reports.

If you do not need all of the rows for the accounts you have right now or all the columns for your present funds, you can simply highlight the rows and/or columns you want to hide and right click your mouse; go down to hide and click. You would then need to do that to all the reports...but when you need the extra rows and columns they are there to unhide and use.

Fill in your organization's name on the Budget to Actual report, the January General Ledger, and the January Statement of Activities and it will autofill the rest of the accounts.

Edit the year on the Budget to Actual worksheet (Cell B5) will autofill rest of workbook

Fill in your budget for each fund in the Budget to Actual worksheet.  Actual column will fill automatically.

Save it once you get your name and accounts in as your template. You will need to save a new one each year from that one workbook.

Some view only pages are locked to prevent you from accidentally erasing formulas; however, if you need to make changes to those pages, simply click in the REVIEW tab and click Unprotect Sheet

Need training on how to use QBO or Aplos effectively for a church or better yet ...need an expert in either of those accounting software to do your monthly bookkeeping and/or payroll? See more on our accounting services!