Donor Receipts in Quickbooks Non-profit

by Cozene
(Soldotna, Alaska)

I am having a difficult time finding an appropriate report for a donor receipt. Especially one that gives the year-to-date amount as part of the receipt for each donation. We have many donors who give monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually who want the year-to-date like we have had on our old system.

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Jan 12, 2012
Some progress
by: Cozene Wikstrom

I have customized the "sales receipt" with the customize option but still have found no possibility of a year to date amount on each receipt. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Feb 01, 2012
How to get an itemized statement in QuickBooks
by: Vickey

I don’t know if this was exactly what you were talking about, but you can print out an itemized statement to attach to an annual contribution statement in QuickBooks.

Click on Reports, go down to Sales, then Sales by Customer Summary.

When the report pops up, click on the Modify Report button and put in desired dates.

Now in the report double click on each donor’s amount to get a printable report on their contributions for the desired time period.

Feb 02, 2012
by: Cozene Wikstrom

Thanks for your input. I am a bookkeeper for a non-profit missionary organization. The director wanted this program so we could email receipts and reports to supporters and staff. Your suggestion will take an extra step but may be usable on a quarterly basis. Thanks again!

Feb 25, 2013
QB year end statements
by: Sandi

-I used an outline so if you copy to word it should be easier to read-

If you have your donors set up as customers and input them using the sales receipts (you also need to have the fund accounts set up in the item list);
1)Reports/Company & Financial/Income by Customer Detail.
a.Modify Report:
i.Display tab;
1.Dates- Last Fiscal Year
2.Columns- pick which ones you want to show (I use: Date/ P.O. #/ Memo/Item/ Account/ Amount)
ii.Filters tab;
1.Item- (use Multiple items-pick the accounts that can be claimed) & Name- (pick names that are donors)
iii.Header/Footer tab;
2)I titled ours “Tax Deductible Contributions” and in the Extra Footer line I typed in “No goods or services were provided in return for contributions”

3)Click “OK”
a.Before printing I check to see that no donations to individuals show up (if so I just go back to modify & uncheck the specific item)

4)Click Print tab:
5)Check both the Smart page breaks & the page break after each major grouping and fit report to 1 page wide (portrait).

I have been using QB's for a year now and although I don't really like it, I can see why Churches should use it.


Feb 25, 2013
Donor Statements for QuickBooks
by: Vickey

You can try this add-on free for 15 days and see if it will work for you...

Feb 25, 2013
by: Sandi

Hello again,
once you have run the report once, memorize it and then you only have to change the dates (and make sure the print options are correct), I use this quarterly and end of year.
The inital set up of items took a bit of time but it was worth it, also you can add your donors (customers)addresses and phone numbers so they are all in one place, we use it for a directory.

You can also save to excel if you have that (we don't), but if you do it should be easy to sort the data that way.... have you checked the QB online support?

Jul 07, 2013
Donor contribution summary
by: Nonprofit Bookkeeper

I use a donor contribution summary to get a report to email to the donor. I found this more comprehensive than a receipt and it will show totals, donor, and income received from donor.

To create this report go to Reports, custom transaction detail report

In the display tab select columns date, number, name, memo, pay method, and amount.

In the filters tab change the date filter to fiscal ytd; select the filter named detail level and choose summary; select the filter named transaction type and choose multiple transactions and then sales receipt and payment.

Change the header to say Donor Contribution Summary and click memorize so you don't have to do this all over again.

Jul 08, 2013
QB receipts
by: Sandi

I use QB Pro 2009- there is not a function (that I can find) that allows total year to date on the receipts.
However under:
Reports/Company & Financial/Income by Customer Detail.
Modify Report:
Display tab;
Dates- "This year to date" will give you the information


Dec 14, 2013
Annual Contribution Statement
by: Jane

I found Sandi's instructions quite helpful. Is there also a way to print Contribution statement for each donor by subtotal of different category, such as subtotal for tithe, subtotal for church budget, etc and grand total at the bottom? Also, I use QB Pro 2010 but there is not enough space to type disclaimer (no goods or services were provided...) in the Extra Footer Line. Is there a way to stretch the field to accommodate full sentence? Thanks much!

Dec 16, 2013
QB donation reports
by: Sandi

Jane, if you customize your report and pick the "items" you want to show, you may be able to sort by item totals.... not sure as I no longer do the books (praise the Lord someone else volunteered!)

hope this helps,

Feb 11, 2014
Thank You - Very Helpful
by: Ron Archer

Thank you! This was very helpful and made the task much easier.

May God Bless You,


Jun 14, 2014
Donor Receipting
by: Bob C

I love the program DONATION by Not4Profit.
Really well designed and supported.
Being separate gives me a double check functionality.

Jun 21, 2014
Donor Contribution Statement - TOTAL
by: Anonymous

For the end-of-the-year Donor Contribution Statement that I will give to each donor, is there a way to have the report generate a total at the bottom? Some folks like to see how much they gave for the whole year as a "total" instead of having to add it up themselves.

Mar 10, 2015
Search Donor Report by Name
by: Anonymous

Hello, Please could you help me find tithe report by donor's name? i tried a lot to find the search tap, but could not find it yet. I hope you can help with this issue.
I pray to get quick help from you. Thank you

Jan 29, 2016
QB Donor list
by: Anonymous

Can you not create an income account(001/offering), and then have subs under that? Example: 001, 001-John Smith
001-John Doe. Then your report would show every name and amounts.

Feb 26, 2016
donor reports
by: susan peckham

If you click the Non Profit tab at the top, then scroll to 'non profit reports', there is a donor contribution summary' report there that is great and can be customized.

Apr 16, 2018
Change Customers to Donors?
by: VSing

The directions on how to change the "customers" title to "donors" is only for QB Online. I am using the latest desktop version. Is there a way to change it in my version?

Mar 20, 2019
EMailed Donation Receipt file name says "Cash Sale"
by: Gayle

After I record a donation, I would like to sent the donor a receipt by email. When I click "email", Quick Book automatically generates an email with the attached receipt. But the attached receipt has a file name of "Cash Sale....." Since this is a donation and the person is not buying something, I would like to change the name from "Cash Sale..." to "Donation Receipt...." Please help.

Mar 25, 2019
Gayle - You can Customize QBO Receipts
by: Vickey

I am assuming you are using QuickBooks Online =)

If so, select the Gear icon on the Toolbar, then "Custom Form Styles" under "Your Company".

From the New style drop-down menu, select "Sales receipt" or edit the one already set up as the "Master".

Choose the CONTENT section. Click on the top part of the greyed out form. Under Form names, there is a blank field next to "sales receipt" that you can type in the name you want to use such as "Donation Receipt".

Make sure you edit the bottom section and add a message or footer that contains the MUST HAVE statement that "there were no goods or services received in connection with the contributions other than intangible religious benefits".

You can also "edit" the EMAIL you send with those receipts. It is next to the CONTENT section.

Feb 06, 2020
issuing a charitable receipts in quickbooks desktop
by: Anonymous

Hi Everyone:
I volunteer for our Church's bookkeeping and any help is greatly appreciated. Does anyone know how to create a year-end (the total for the year) charitable receipts for donors in Quickbooks desktop 2018?

Thank you and God Bless

Feb 18, 2020
Importing a donor file including the total year contribution
by: Anonymous


I am trying to import a donor file which includes the total amount given since January. How is it done? I am using QBO Plus.

Thank you.

Feb 09, 2021
Annual Donor Statements
by: Anonymous

I am using Big Red Consulting Donor Statements app for awhile and it cost $39 every year. But, if you are smart, you can do reports for two different years for one year charge. So, it will end up costing you $19.50 a year. I found out that is the best way. Here is the link for you to download the software

Feb 09, 2021
Big Red Consulting is Awesome but...
by: Vickey

Big Red Consulting's donor statements are awesome but ...

it will not work with Excel for Mac =(

Was so sad when I seen that as I have heard very good reviews about Big Red Consulting from my readers and several CPA friends.

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