Does ICONCMO do what Quickbooks does plus membership data

Church Accounting Software Question

Church Accounting Software Question

We are in transition. We just purchased the newest Quickbooks Pro to update our old version, and then heard that some members of the finance committee had purchased ICONCMO and were entering membership data. We are confused.

Is ICONCMO actually a quick-books-like tool with good membership data management capabilities, or is it mainly a membership data tool?

If we used ICONCMO for membership data including contributions, and kept Quickbooks for everything else, would we be maintaining two set of books -- which we, of course, do not want to do.

We're trying to integrate earlier record-keeping, which was disbursed, into one software package so that we can produce fully integrated reports.

There seem to be a range of opinions on this matter in the church. We want to conform to general accepted accounting practice. For a 200-family congregation, should we be going with ICONCMO, or something like it, exclusively?

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Free Trial of IconCMO
by: Michelle at Icon Systems

Hi, Lima! We're excited you're interested in learning more about IconCMO. You can register for a free 10-day trial (no credit card or commitment required) at

Software evaluation
by: Lima

I am interested in the software, how do I get access to the demo version for evaluation to ascertain whether it meets our requirements?

Yes, IconCMO handles membership, contributions, and accounting
by: Michelle at Icon Systems

The short answer to your question is yes; you would use it to organize your membership and contribution records AND to replace Quickbooks. IconCMO handles everything in one comprehensive church management software package so you don’t have to maintain two sets of books.

This package includes: membership (recording contact information and special dates, tracking attendance, small groups/classes, talents, communication, etc.), contributions (recording pledges and donations, sending contribution statements), and a complete FASB-compliant fund accounting system. You also get: unlimited users, nightly off-site backups, unlimited technical support, automatic software upgrades and enhancements, and training.

IconCMO was reviewed by a Top 25 national CPA firm in the USA for security and adherence to accounting standards for churches. The reports in the system are compliant with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) reporting standards No. 95 and No. 117. For more information on this, please download a complimentary copy of our e-book, Fund Accounting for Church Leadership at

I’m more than happy to help you get additional clarification on the system. Please feel free to contact me at 800-596-4266. Have a wonderful day!

ICON is OK as a membership database
by: Anonymous

We got ICON early this year hoping to combine membership and financial data. It is cumbersome and not very intuitive, but OK as a membership database.

Once you organize and understand your date, you can create a nice online church directory in ICON. However, there are much better cloud based contact management systems available.

I would not use it for financial transactions or contribution data. QuickBooks is the accounting standard and easier for most volunteers to use.

ICON is Terrible
by: Anonymous

It is not intuitive and has way too many clicks to do a simple operation. No one on staff wants to use it and it will not allow you to seamlessly transition to a new year.

We are getting rid of it at the end of the year.

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