Designated offering.

by Sharon
(North Haven CT)

When someone gives an offering and designates to something specific (Not on the future to do list) but you need that money to pay necessary utilities? Is there a form regarding issues like this?

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Apr 30, 2010
Paying the Utility bill
by: Marcus in Texas

Unless the gift was designated specifically for payment of utilities, it would be inappropriate to use the designated gift for that purpose. Before such funds could be used for any purpose other than the purpose designated by the person giving those funds, written permission should be obtained from that person making it clear that a portion or all of the gift may be used to pay the utility bills. Otherwise, if the funds are used for a purpose other than what the person giving the funds designated, then that person could have a legal basis for having the funds returned since the funds were not used for the designated purpose.

Jan 14, 2011
Designated Donations
by: Pat

Especially for small churches it would be to their benefit to advise the donor their donation/s may be used if the funds are needed to maintain the church. Why would the board allow the church utilties to be cut off or the mortgage not being paid if the church is facing hard times. This to me is reality.

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