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Designated Funds

by Faye

Hi. On our Treasurer report each month the Children's budget is listed ex:$2,500.00 & ex:$1,300.00 is used so far this year. On the final pg is the designated Children's fund of ex:$2,595.00. Those $ rolled over from previous year& zero$ have been collected this year. At the end of this year ex: $2,200.00 out of the budget has been used do I subtract the $2,200.00 from the $2,595.00? Help I am very new @ this & just got put unexpectedly in this position. I have downloaded your accounting program.

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Sep 13, 2013
Designated Funds
by: Anonymous in NC

Your information is unclear to me. What report are you describing? What does "ex." stand for? Is it expense, extension, or example? Try to rephrase your question. Thank you.

Sep 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

It's the expense/income report used in conference. The ex is for example. Sorry

Dec 06, 2013
designated funds.
by: Jeff

When the congregation is encouraged to make an annual pledge to missions above and beyond the tithe, using the "Faith Promise" concept (God will give through you what he will not give to you. You promise a reasonable amount in prayer and he provides using you as a channel so to speak)...and then the fund created for missions is used for other concepts, is this illegal?

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