Debit or Credit

by Cassandra Oliver
(Albany, Georgia)

I took an intensive accounting course for six weeks, prayerfully got a "B" but never understood fully what you count as a "debit or credit". Can anyone explain that to me?

By the way Vickey, I am new to your site and am praying for you and Kevin. I will also mention you in our weekly services. It is now September and hope ALL IS WELL.

Just like the story of the Shunnamite woman who lost her son but believed the prophet and the word God gave her, that she was able to reply with such a statement. I believe all is well with Kevin and healing is in the believer.

If you believe in the word of God, there is scripture in the New Testament that commands us to call for the elders of the church anoint the person who is ill and pray they shall recover. Blessings and peace be unto you and your family.


In accounting, accounts are set up to look like a “T” and are actually called T accounts. Amounts entered on the left hand side are called debits and amounts on the right-hand side are called credits. 'To debit' means to make an entry in the left-hand side of an account' and 'To credit' means to make an entry in the right-hand side of an account.

Important point! The words debit and credit have no other meaning in accounting. Most people think a debit and credit as a positive or a negative. They are not either.

A debit or credit will either increase or decrease an account balance depending on what type of account you are working with. Asset and expense accounts are increased on the debit side and liability, revenue, and equity accounts are increased on the credit side.

See more about debit and credits.

You might also be interested in my ebook Basic Church Accounting. It contains examples of debits and credits as they relate to church accounting.

Thank you for the prayers. All is well! My husband is doing exceedingly better than the doctors ever expected. I know it is because of the prayer of God’s people and His mercy. He just took his 7th chemo treatment this week and it hit him pretty hard, so your prayers are very much appreciated.


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