Date for contribution

by Marne
(Paradise, CA)

For credit for 2012, does it have to be deposited before Dec.31?

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Dec 21, 2012
2012 Contributions
by: Anonymous in NC

No, they should be received in the church office or at least postmarked by the 31st.

Dec 21, 2012
Contribution Checks
by: Vickey

Anonymous in NC is correct. It doesn't matter when you deposit the check, it depends on when you receive the check.

See the last point in this year-end checklist.

"Donors must give their contribution checks on or by December 31st to be included in the church’s 2012 written acknowledgement of their contributions.

If it comes in the offering on or after January 1st…even if the check was backdated for 2012 …it would not be included in their 2012 annual contribution letter.

However, if comes through the mail, all checks dated AND postmarked in 2012 would be deductible in 2012 even if you received it in 2013."

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