Is it illegal to post the names and amounts that the members contribute in the church for everyone to see?

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May 30, 2013
Exposing Contributions
by: Anonymous in NC

Illegal? Probably not (based on 50++ years) of not reading anything about such a law. The real question should be is it fair, ethical, and/or the RIGHT thing to do. I see more problems than benefits for posting this info. Churches should become exclusive clicks based on money given.

Jun 04, 2013
donor names
by: Anonymous

I agree, there is no benefit from having names where anyone can see them.

It is good practice to have the donor information confidential.

It is also NOT good practice for the pastor to have access to the donor information.

We have it in our church policy to only list envelope numbers when counting and check numbers on the deposit slips.

The only persons with instant access to the names are the treasurer and the bookkeeper. They are available to anyone who "needs to know" basically no one needs to know other than the bookkeeper and the treasurer...

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