Contibutions that exceed budget

Members on occasion designate a portion of their offering for a supported ministry that exceeds the budget. What should happen with the excess? Seems to me that the church has an obligation to use the funds for the ministry and not allocate the excess to the general fund. Also, if a donor knows that the excess is being allocated to the general fund and not used for the designated purpose, there is a possibility the donor will not give except to general fund. Comments please.

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Jul 29, 2014
over budget donations
by: Anonymous

There is nothing wrong with giving to the general fund and it is actually a more efficient way to donate, allowing the church to use where it is needed.
However if funds are designated they must be used in that area unless a written policy is in place to allow movement, they also can be carried forward to the next month/year to support the designated areas future budget needs.

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