by Vickey

Have any of you ever used or are currently using this software? If so, could you give us your opinion on it?

Are you using it free or did you pay for it?

Is it user-friendly?

How is their support?

Would you recommend it?

Comments for Churchtrac

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This is wonderful
by: Minimini Church

We have been using free ChurchTrac for a year and found it helpful. This is the best software to track contributions, members attendance just to mention a few.

It produces useful reports for the church and we are proud using it...Have so far entered 62 members an looking forward to upgrading it when we reach 100.

However, just want to know if there is an option to insert church Logo in reports.

May have abandoned all earlier versions
by: Anonymous

We have been using church trac 6 (2009) for a number of years and it is first class, does everything we need.
However our computer crashed and we had to reload windows 7 only to find that we could not reinstall Church trac 6. I downloaded and installed the next version up which installed ok but our licence of course was not valid for that version, so we are forced to upgrade to the latest version, which probably is not a bad thing, but I find they seem to have pulled all support for earlier versions as they are no longer available for download from their web site, which they were last week.
This is an easy to use, fairly intuitive package and is highly recomended.

Easy Church Tools
by: Stella

We are using easy church tools from last one year but now I need batter software and also cheap. They are upgrade software and include nice feature. Help me to find out better Software.

log into churchtrac
by: john

Hi, I tried to log into my church track this evening and was not able to. I was wondering if there is something I am doing wrong. it has been a few month since any activity took place so that may be the reason why.

by: Chris Persh

I have been using the 250 member licenced one for a year. Help is quiet really cool in email but contact via phone number seems to fail. Only setback is that there is no MAC/apple app since software is developed in Windows Access program.

They do have an online for MAC which I will try.

by: Anonymous

I would definitely recommend. We have been using it for 3 years now and I am still discovering ways that make information easily available to the pastor and our members.

Check Printing
by: Anonymous

I know Church trac has a check printing function. Where is it? Help

Update from complaint
by: Anonymous

While I nearly tore my hair out trying to solve problems, the customer service I received was excellent. They called within 24 hours and stayed on the phone until the problem was resolved. The service rep was friendly and gave clear instructions. It seems our download was corrupted which was why none of their fixes in their online knowledge database didn't work.

The end result: a program that now works smoothly with multiple installs in the homes of volunteers. The data synchronizes smoothly and our volunteers are very happy.

So am I.

Church Trac is awful
by: Anonymous

We just purchased this software and can't even get it to work. My volunteer spent nearly 4 hours inputting data and we can't find any of the names. I just spent 3 hours trying to get the data sharing component to "synch" with the primary pc with no luck.

Maybe if you only need and use the free software it works, but we're having absolutely no luck with ChurchTrac 8 or the data sharing software.

by: Patsy

Our church is small but has several investment accounts as well as checking. Is a balance sheet available that will reconcile all accounts? Just trying to work my way around the program.

Church Trac
by: Faith United

Just down loaded the free version, and I love this software. It is user friendly and great for a start up tracking. I will most definetly purchase the upgrade very soon. Thanks so very much, this is just what i was looking for.
Thanks again.

Contribution entry is slow
by: Anonymous

The program is very nice and as some have said, very intuitive. I tried using it and it is great for everytihng except contributions. To enter contributions, it takes forever and your fingers are worn out from all the typing. If you have multiple designated contributions, then for each member you have to type the name over and over for each designated contribution (missions, building fund, mission fund, missionary name, etc.). If the last name is unique it is not too terribly bad as it recognizes the name after a few letters. But if you have multiple families in the church with the same last name, you have to type in the full last name and the first few letters of the first name for it to recognize the name (it has no memory to remember the last name entered). We average about 125 on SUnday Morning so we are not too large a church either.

I downloaded Donarius software and it was super fast as I timed it and it took 3 times as long to enter contributions with ChurchTrac as with DOnarius (and the support costs will be much cheaper as well). So if you want an intuitive softward package, ChurchTrac is a good option. If you want fast entry, you may want to look around.

Again I have nothing against ChurchTrac, just wish they woudl improve on the way you enter contributions so it was faster and not as tiring on the fingers.

Discount Code for Churchtrac
by: Vickey

Note: Bryon said all FreeChurchAccounting readers could use promo code VICKEY to get a 10 percent discount on any purchase from the ChurchTrac website. How cool is that! Nice promo code huh :-)

Nothing Like It
by: Jackie

I am using church trac and I must say that there is nothing like it. We are a small church, so I am blessed to be able to use the free 100 names.

Would Highly Recommend
by: Orlando

It's an excellent tool for small to midsize churches. We have been using it for the past two years and it has catered to our needs well.

Definitely not an accounting software but does have an accounting component which we have customized to our needs.

It takes a little practice to figure out some of the features but all in all a great product.

Would highly recommend as a beginner product for churches just starting and the cost is next to nothing.

by: Nazman

No, I simply downloaded a free program that lets me print to pre-printed checks & it solved my problem. My comment was more of a 'critique' of the software. To my mind, adjusting the check printing function would be a basic function

Pre-Printed Checks
by: Vickey

Have you tried contacting Bryon and his staff about your problem? So far, they have been quick to get back with me and diligent in answering all my questions:-)

by: Nazman

We have begun using ChurchTrac and, so far, we are very pleased with it. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to 'design' the check printing so that it matches our pre-printed checks. That would certainly be helpful.

I am VERY impressed
by: George Giere

You have trully blessed me with this recommentation. I have been looking for a program of this magnitude and will be using it immediately. It is the answer to the small church software. Thank You.

Support is Great
by: Debbie

I found Churchtrac while surfing for some kind of accounting program and tried it. We have given contribution reports, we print our checks, we give a monthly financial statement, I have everyone's information and picture in and made a little directory, and I have not found any of it difficult. We have 20 people in right now, but we certainly intend to continue and purchase the program when we reach the 100 point.

I have had questions, and they have ALL been answered through the helps. Greatest thing for baby churches I have found in quite some time.

A God Send
by: Al

We have been organized 2 1/2 years now and church trac is just what we were looking for. We use it mainly to keep member profiles updated and to register contributions. It is so user friendly and we are pleased with the various reports that can be generated. We have about 35 parishioners right now so it is perfect. It also gives you the ability to share among computers, so the pastor is always updated with the changes made by the treasurer. Along with Vickey's spreadsheets, we have the perfect system. There are organizations out there that really have a heart to see churches thrive and not just bleed them dry. Thank God for them all!!

by: Peggy Berger

Our church has used ChurchTrac for 3 years for contributions only, and I love it. It is easy to add the Sunday tithes and creates a nice report at the end of the year for church members!

by: Anonymous

I have used Churchtrac for a little over a year. We got the free version, then upgraded. I find it easy to use and a great value. The only thing that I could see that they could improve is in the accounting area. I wish there was a way to have multiple accounts that for accounting distibution. Right now, you must enter the information for every account.

Good & Simple
by: Anonymous

We started using ChurchTrac last year because we needed something easy for our people who do not know much accounting. IT has worked great for our small church needs. We also use the membership tracker and love it.

by: Anonymous

I have used Church Trac for several years and love it! I initially chose this because of the free option up to 100 people. This has worked out great for our small church. We also use the budgeting and accounts functions. Great tool for small church treasurers!

Anytime I've had a question about something, I always promptly get an email reply with an answer. Will definitely buy the unlock code when we reach our 100th person (right now we are at 98).

by: Anonymous

We are still in the implementation of Churchtrac, we have purchased the up grade. One of the many features we like is that we can plug each member into a ministry that their currently in or would like to work in. For example, if our education director wants to see what teachers that our available or those who would like to maybe assist, Churchtrac will give us a complete report, same with feeding the homeless. We are upgrading one computer to work as a server so the Elders/Ministers could have current data. Of course the data will require regular updates. We hope to have it up and running within 4 weeks.

God Bless
- Gene, COC

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