ChurchPro Pros and Cons???

by Larry Thomas
(Ontario, CA US)

We have been using Church Pro for approximately 7 years.

The program is not user friendly but the support staff has always been helpful and patient.

My biggest problem has been finding staff in my ministry willing to take the time to learn the basic ins and outs of churchpro.

Everyone wants to come as late as possible, leave as soon as possible and hope for some magic from churchpro.

I have trained several members after severe resistance to leave Excel and other programs.

One drawback is the inability to input data into any given module with multiple inputs simultaneously. Another concern I had was that of erasing entire Sunday School attendance databank to start a new year(glad I don't have to erase financial databank).

Have not investigated, but concerned about converting all computers to Windows 10 (Currently running an XP Server).

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Great Information!
by: Vickey

Thank you! Your review of Churchpro is very helpful.

You mention something that I believe is very important!

When choosing software for your church...make sure you choose and SET UP the software with your future users in mind.

Your system and set up should be effective...but simple enough to teach others in the years to come. Especially if you are a smaller church relying on volunteers =)

Just thought I would throw that in as I am currently working on a file in QuickBooks that someone set up with the most difficult set up I have ever seen in my 20 + years of doing church accounting =) They have ran out of people both paid and unpaid in their church that will even attempt to learn it. So now paying me to set up an easier system.

As far as the Windows 10 issue...I would NOT convert to it without calling Churchpro and discovering if they have had issues with it ... as a lot of software has.

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