Churches and Benefit Dinners

by Pam
(Portage, IN)

A church member recently contacted me to see if they could hold a Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction at the church for her ill daughter. They have area businesses making donations for this benefit. The church member asked me if I could give them a Contribution Sheet to the businesses. I don't feel comfortable doing this since the donation wasn't given to the church. Is this correct?

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by: Anonymous

I think if it is set up correctly the event can be used.
Check the IRS pub 15 series and even pub 526, lots of people want the tax deduction but there are so many rules.
Helping others is one of the key roles of the church, however if the church doesn't follow the rules (as scripture tells us to do)we are not being a good witness to others.
Stand fast in scripture follow the law as long as it doesn't conflict with the word.

Benefit Dinners
by: Anonymous in NC

Why not seek Admin. Board approval for the church to sponsor the dinner and then there should not be a problem acknowledging by a form letter the donated items. The businesses could place their own values to the items donated as far as their records go.

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