Church name change

by Duane Hampton
(Royce City Texas)

We are changing the name of our church. Do I need to get a new ein? We are in Texas

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Chuch name change. . .
by: Anonymous


Thank you D. Fry.

Name change
by: D Fry

EIN = Employer Identification Number, or Tax ID

If the church is incorprated, and the name of the church changes, but is still governed by the same corporation - basically changing the dba name only - then a new EIN would not be necessary. But if it is a new entity altogether separate and distinct from the former corporation - which would likely have ceased operations - then a new EIN would definitely be needed.
You should check with a lawyer regarding the name change and the requirements of your state for making such a change. He would also know if a new EIN is needed.

Church name change. . .
by: Lewis in NC

What is an ein?

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