Church Financial Software for Migrating with Existing Data

by Seth
(Portland, OR)

I am a treasurer of a small/medium congregation (150 average Sunday attendance; 500k approximate budget per year).

I've been using a (rather good) Excel spreadsheet for financial accounting (I used a similar one for a small engineering firm for 13 years). It works well, but does not provide the transparency or audit trail that a financial accounting program should.

We currently use ACS Technologies for their member-database-type product and their was interest in using its financial suite also.

However, ACS does not provide for migrating our data into their database. So we're looking for something else. We would migrate from a CSV or DBF database into the new program. Any advice from readers or the site would be hugely welcome.

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Church Financial Software
by: MarcusNTexas

I have been serving as treasurer (volunteer) of our small church since 2010. We have approximately 100 "active" members, seven full time and part time employees, and our budget for 2015 will be just under $560,000. When I assumed the role of treasurer the church was using QB 2010 including the QB Payroll system. Since then we upgraded to QBPro 2013 and this past week we upgraded to QBPro Plus 2015.

While I cannot speak to the issue of migrating your existing data to any software package, I can tell you that I have been completely satisfied with Quick Books and it is well worth the cost of the software.

We have four bank accounts and monthly reconciliations usually take less than 2 hours, although only the "general fund" account has the greatest amount of activity. I usually write 40-50 checks each month, including the seven employee paychecks. I am frequently asked to produce a check on the spur-of-the-moment, and that is an easy chore.

You might consider contacting the folks at Quick Books to discuss the migration question.

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