Check signers

by Joanne

I am treasurer of a 150 member church. We require 2 signatures on all checks. Because of this, it works well to have at least 4 signers (vacations, illness etc.).

Our current president is very ill so I asked if the board would approve our recently elected president-elect as a signer. She became agitated and said that an officer should never be a check signer as they decide how funds will be spent.

This didn't make much sense to me, all invoices are properly approved and I can't remember the president ever approving one. The board and congregation approve the budget. I talked to a reliable CPA and he saw no problem with this. I also reviewed a audit template from our national organization and found nothing indicating that this would be a problem. There is nothing in our By-Laws that would prevent the President from signing checks.

Any thoughts on this?

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Check signers
by: DFry

In my church we have a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer, as well as 2 or 3 other signers: The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees; as well as the Chairman of the Board of Deacons. They set the budget, which is approved by the congregation. There is no problem with them signing the checks; payments must all be within the budget. And we don't let anyone who is NOT an officer sign checks; the Treasurer IS an officer. The point is that only elected, responsible people are allowed to sign the checks - that's why they are in Leadership positions.
I'm not sure where the idea came from that an officer should never sign checks - who would know better if a request for payment was within the budget and legitimate?

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