Check Cashing


My Pastor believes that it is ok for the treasurer to cash checks given to him by members out of the Sunday collections and suggested to the Board that it be allowed since he is on the account. Are or could there be repercussions from such activity? Couldn't this be construed as mishandling of funds or the church being a conduit to avoid taxes?

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cash collection
by: Sandi

It is not good practice to use cash donations prior to depositing them...

Not sure why the Pastor is on the bank account, as he is an employee...

any funds given to pastor (or any employee) are added to the w-2 unless it is a pre-approved benefit and meets the IRS requirements....

the pastor can always cash their own checks at their own bank, leaving the church out of it.


Check Cashing
by: Anonymous in NC

All monies given to the church should be accounted for by being deposited through church account(s). Your treasurer must know this; I'm sure.

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