Categories/Accounts for Income and Expense

by Blessings

We just recently issued to checks for refunds. One was given to the pastor for writing a personal check to another church as a love offering. The church refunded the funds back to the pastor. What category/account does this fall under. It was submitted under a made category titled refund. I am trying to make sure that this is correct or if there's a correct name that this should be submitted under.

We went to Walmart to purchase some supplies. Well when when we reconciled for that month we noticed that Walmart had charged us twice for it. The funds were returned but how do I handle it under expenses. Right now we just have it under a category/account title "Refund-Unauthorized Debit". Is this correct?

Question: Also how do you handle when the church writes a check for gas to a member that runs errands to pay bills for the church. Now we have an account set up for "Auto:Fuel" but we use this account only for the church van. Can we use this same account for reimbursing others for their gas used to run errands for the church?

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Flowers for funeral
by: Anonymous

How should list categories for flowers for funerals of church members?

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