Cashing a check to pay for parsonage

by George Obregon
(San Jose, CA)

Is it ever okay to cash a check, take the money and pay the parsonage allowance, rather than first depositing the check's money in the checking account of our non-profit corporation?

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Run ALL Checks and Cash through the Church's Bank Account
by: Vickey

It is never "alright" to take cash or checks out of the church's offerings before processing them through the church's bank account.

Even when setting up a petty cash account you would write a check from your church’s bank account made payable to "Petty Cash".

See more steps for setting up a petty cash by clicking on the "Petty Cash" button in the left column ... under the heading "Accounting" or paste the following url in your browser:

by: Waco

By doing it in that order you by pass the safeguards set to protect the organization and the individual. The precedent that you are setting is one of circumventing; a get-over mentality that fosters theivery. Establish the standard and it will elevate the entire body.

My question was similar: Do you take the thirty-five dollars set for Petty Cash out of the offering to start the Petty cash account and to keep the account funded with the designated amount from month to month?

Cashing a check before depositing
by: Anonymous in NC

No, it sets the wrong precedence.

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