Can member designate money to fund in lieu of compensatioin?

by Mike

Our only employee is the pastor who gets only a housing allowance.
Our church cleaning was being done by members from a signup list. That wasn’t working well so we were going to pay someone to do the cleaning ($225/month ) until a member said she’d do for free if we’d get internet access and put the rest of the money we would have paid towards the Sunday School Program.
How is this treated from a treasurer perspective?
Is she an employee?
Should she get credit for the $225 as a designated donation even though she is never given a check?

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Volunteer to clean the church. . .
by: Lewis in NC

Individuals should not set policies of the church within their own dealings with the church. Only the church council could decide as the leadership team to purchase the internet for church use and to budget funds for Sunday School materials.

But the lady who is volunteering her time to clean the church routinely would not be considered an employee, only an unpaid volunteer.

Sounds as those she has good intentions for the church and should be taken seriously with her proposal to the church leadership. It sounds as though she wants a stronger Christian Education Program to the point of saving the church money to that end.

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