Bookkeeping Packages

Below is a list of our bookkeeping packages, but first let me share with you that we here at Vickey's Bookkeeping Services operate a little differently than traditional bookkeeping firms. 

We believe that our relationship with you is just as important as your financial data.

We are passionate about our clients and strive to set up and maintain an accounting system that will enable you and your governing body to make sound and informed financial decisions. Also, please note that we specialize in cloud based accounting systems, specifically QuickBooks Online and Aplos.  

Below is an example of our different levels of bookkeeping packages...

NOTE: We would love to work with you! However, we need you to know that we specialize and work exclusively in QuickBook Online and Aplos accounting software. If you are already set up or would consider using one of those accounting systems, then please read on and contact us about our services!

Team Bookkeeper Level

We come alongside of you with this bookkeeping package!

  • Are you unsure if you are assigning all transactions correctly?
  • Have some "uncleared" transactions sitting in your bank reconciliation window each month?
  • Would like to have an accountant looking at your bookkeeping each month and instructing you how to correct anything that needed to be fixed?

With this service we will using the same checklist we use to check our own bookkeeping each month to check your prior month's bookkeeping. 


We will

  • reconcile all your accounts 
  • generate monthly, quarterly, and annual *basic financial Statements
  • provide you with a secure dedicated Sharefile folder to share and store documents
  • guarantee​ our services

Optional Add Ons:​

  • Payroll Package
  • 1099 Process/File

*Basic reports include: Transaction Detail by Account, Statement of Activity, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow

**DIY Training package outline below is a pre-requisite for this level

Outsourced Bookkeeper Level

With this bookkeeping package we do it together in real time!

We provide all of the services listed above in the Team Bookkeeper package


We will

  • record donations and/or deposits
  • ​record expenses
  • process receipts weekly​
  • create journal entries when required
  • customize up to 3 reports in addition to the basic reports in the Team Bookkeeper level
  • process and manage Payroll (direct deposit)
  • process and file quarterly 941s and W-2/W-3s
  • provide an employee portal for pay stubs and W-2s
  • process and file up to 5 1099s (additional 1099s processed/filed for $25 each
  • provide unlimited email support

NOTE: Inputting historical data is not included in this level but may be purchased as another engagement.

Inclusive Bookkeeper Level

We support your growth with this bookkeeping package!

We provide all of the services listed above in the Team Bookkeeper AND Outsourced Bookkeeper packages.


We will

  • track you AP (Accounts Payable)
  • provide bill pay
  • create and customize unlimited financial report
  • process and file up to 20 1099s (additional 1099s processed/filed for $25 each

NOTE: Inputting historical data is not included in this level but may be purchased as another engagement.

If you would like your own personalized quote on the bookkeeping packages above, please click the CONTACT ME button below and complete the short form. I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss what Vickey's Bookkeeping Services can do for your church or nonprofit organization! Please provide as much detail as possible on the form =)

*DIY Training Package

This Do-it-yourselfer package is a great option for those who want to handle the books themselves, while still getting a good deal with some guidance on setting up and using Aplos or QuickBooks Online effectively for a church or nonprofit.

The package includes: 

- Initial file set up (or set up review) and 1 to 2 hour consultation to ensure you are off to a good start

- Unlimited access to all resources you will need for training on a dedicated page with password access INCLUDING all of my digital ebooks and spreadsheets sold on this site PLUS I will mail you my hardback book: How To Guide for Small and Growing Churches

-  A 1 to 2 hour follow up consultation to ensure you are on the right track and answer any questions you may have 

- A final one-hour follow up consultation to ensure you continue on the right track and answer and questions you may have

- Option for additional pay-per-use* training and consultation sessions.

This value packed training package has an introductory price of only $825! (DIY Training only)

Better yet, if purchased in combination with the monthly Team bookkeeping package (description on the Bookkeeping Package page) the price is reduced to $625!