Vickey, Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your expertise. So sorry to learn of your husband's challenge and yours also.

I am working as an Elder with a growing church, but we are catching up on proper standards and accounting methods.

Might you have a Sample Balance Sheet I can show our Board? Also a good Cash Flow doc. would be helpful as well, if you can share one or both requests.

Gratefully yours and praying for His grace as well,

Wayne Peterson

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Items in a Church Balance Sheet
by: Vickey

The items in a Balance Sheet which is called a Statement of Financial Position for nonprofits and churches are:

Fund Balances

excerpt from my ebook:

"The form of a Statement of Financial Position is called the account form because it resembles the basic format of the accounting equation, with assets on the left side and the liabilities and fund equity on the right side or it can be presented with Assets on the top and Liabilities and Net Assets(fund equity ) on the bottom.

The assets section of the Statement of Financial Position normally presents assets in the order that they will be converted into cash or used in operations.

Cash (e.g.: checking and savings accounts) is presented first, followed by supplies, and other current assets. (Current assets are cash and other resources that are expected to turn to cash or to be used up within one year of the statements of financial position date.)

Current assets are presented in the order of liquidity, i.e., cash, temporary investments, accounts (pledge) receivable, supplies, prepaid etc.

Then the assets of a more permanent nature are listed, such as land, buildings, and equipment. These assets are referred to as fixed assets or long-term assets.

The liabilities and fund balance section usually presents each liability in the order that the liabilities will be paid off.

Account Payables (includes unpaid bills from vendors and creditors for goods and services delivered) are normally listed first, followed by other current liabilities (obligations due within one year of the statements of financial position date).

Then long term liabilities (obligations of the nonprofit that are not payable within one year of the statement of financial position date) such as long term notes payable are listed.

All the liabilities are then totaled.

Next, net assets (fund balances) are listed. Unrestricted are normally listed first, followed by donor restricted funds.

All net assets are then totaled.

Last of all liabilities and net assets are totaled. This total should equal the total assets."

Items in balance of the church
by: Anonymous

what are items in balance sheet of the church

Example of a Balance Sheet
by: Vickey

Thank you for the prayers. They are very much appreciated. I will send you the requested examples.

Also, I have 2 examples of both a balance sheet and a cash flow statement in my Basic Church Accounting ebook :-)

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