Automatic Bill Pay

by Kathy
(Murphysboro, IL USA)

Question regarding on-line bill paying:

Our treasurer is trying to retire after many years of being our treasurer. Everything has been done by hand for all the past years and they are going to a computer system.

I am being pressured to take over this "job". I really don't have any problems with the record keeping, however I feel it would benefit the church to use the Bill Pay System offered by the bank to pay their monthly bills.

It would make us more "green" and cut our costs to a certain extent. Have you had any experience using this for any organizations? Can you tell me the pros and cons of such a thing?

Thanks for any advice.


I think online bill paying can save time, postage, and check printing costs and I am always for anything that can make a volunteer’s job easier. Just make sure and print out a receipt and file it.

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