Aplos - Security

by Linda
(El Mirage, AZ, USA)

We were a small church of 25 that has exploded to 250. Shepherds Base is what we were using, with few complaints. Aplos has all that I am looking for but my question is security measures considering it is web based. I could not find anyone addressing this issue in the reviews I read. Some one talk with me regarding this please. Thanks so much, Linda.

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Aplos Response :: Aplos for Canadian CRS filing
by: Alex Acree

Great question. At the moment Aplos only adheres to US-based reporting standards, but we do hope to expand this to Canadian organizations soon!

Aplos for Canadian CRS filing
by: Ani Thomas

Can I use Aplos fund accounting for filing with CRA

Aplos Response :: Youth Accounts
by: Alex Acree

Yes it can! Aplos can do this a couple of ways... the best way would be to create online forms for each individual so that they can raise money online, and you can post donations to them manually. You can then run a report on each, while having all amounts integrate with your accounting.

Depending on your specific needs the solution may vary, but I am confident we can get you set up in Aplos!

Youth Accounts
by: Mandee

I have about 30 youth kids that I need to keep track of their accounts from fundraisers, donations, etc throughout the year for various events that the funds will physically be in one main youth account. Will this software provide me the capabilities to do this?? So far I have an excel workbook but it is a huge nightmare due to its size!

Aplos Response :: Membership
by: Alex Acree

Great question. Aplos is primarily a fund accounting software, and we also have a donor management product which allows for tracking contact information, recording donations, generating giving statements, etc.. Within our Contacts section you can input information, including whether someone is a member or not. In the near future we will be adding functionality which will continue to build this feature out, but in the mean time basic membership tracking is available.

by: Jerry

I haven't seen any information on membership with Aplos software. Does it provide the software we would need for tracking membership and their contact info?

Aplos Response :: Security
by: Alex Acree

Hi Linda,

Glad to hear Aplos is looking like a fit for your (growing) church! Security is our top priority at Aplos... we backup the information nightly to our cloud server, which is then copied and stored on two additional physical servers. Outside of storage we also have extremely high security procedures and standards that we adhere to. Below is a link to our Security page which has all of this information:


Our Support is free, and I am happy to answer any questions you have! Let us know if you need anything else.

Alex Acree
Head of Support

In admiration of your work!!!
by: Lewis in NC

I do not know anything about "Aplos" and how secure it is, but I wish I could help you. Maybe someone else at this website will help you with that.
BUT. . .Praise God that your church has grown and you have this problem. Please tell the world the secret to growing a church by ten times. Anyway, I do thank God for your blessings.

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