Anyone heard of ChurchPro Software?

by Terri
(Tracy, CA.)

For non-profit church pro 2010 has all that is required including FAS 95 & 117 IRS regulations. Has anyone used this software?

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Thank you, Dennis
by: Vickey

I am the owner of this site. As I stated in a previous comment, I built this site to help churches and nonprofits, so I appreciate you responding on this thread and providing helpful information about your software.

Thank you!

by: Dennis Keen

ChurchPro does allow you to delete records. Our date fields will not allow you to make a mistake by putting in a partial date. This protects data integrity. When a proper date is enter the program will allow you to continue. Printing contribution statements allow you to print only givers who gave for period or all tagged givers. Also if statement name is not correct the program will not print records for that person.

Strange glitches
by: Anonymous

I have had many bizarre "glitches" that Dennis can usually fix for me, but I have yet to hear a reason for these glitches that makes sense. First they said we needed a new computer. We got one. My husband is very computer savvy, & he is not impressed! If I make a mistake (which I do) it won't let me fix it myself. I have to call support & have them delete it. Latest glitch was while printing giving statements for the year, I noticed that there wasn't one for someone I knew. So I checked back through every person & found 7 people who didn't show up. Can't find any common thread...some have given for years, some are new, some gave lots, some gave little... I would appreciate any recommendations for financial software that actually works & is used friendly for a very small church.

Exporting from Churchpro
by: Anonymous

Leaving churchpro and need help exporting my files. It isn't straightforward, which is why we're moving to something that I don't have to spend hours on. Does anyone know how to export files correctly? I have found export options, but it pulls up a window of a list of things that doesn't make sense.

by: Anonymous

My church has used this program for many of years we are a smaller ministry and are not financially able to purchase the program at this time

Church Pro
by: Gal

I am a bookkeeper for a very small church. When I took this job I had not worked in bookkeeping for 40 years; so I was pretty much starting over!!!
I call Teresa or Dennis more times than I can count. I do some real dumb things and cause problems that I am not smart enough to fix. No one at Church Pro has ever been rude to me no matter what I ask or how much time they have to spend with me!!! I do all my giving letters and bookkeeping on C.P. You can even write your own letter in place of the loaded one if you do not like it. I took some direction(3 hours) from another church when I first started out 7 years ago. She helped me set up my chart of accounts and then I started work. What I pay for yearly support is way below what others cost for the amount of time I spend with them. I use it every Monday to do my giving and check book. Only takes about an hour. At the end of the month I print out my reports back it up and balance my checkbook. It only takes a couple of hours!! EASY!

Is ChurchPro Difficut?
by: Dennis Keen

Anything is hard if you do not know how to use it. We give 90 days free of unlimited support to get you started. After that tech support starts at $249.00 per year for unlimited support. Compared to some vendors this is cheap. I have customers who have converted to us who were paying over $300 a month. Yes, a month. I can furnish the name. Many times, we have spent an hour or more for The per incident call for $49.00. We wish we could give free tech longer than 90 days, but please consider we only charge a nominal fee for our software that has lifetime use. We give 3 copies for our single use license. One church copy, the pastor gets a free copy and the primary user at church gets a free copy on their home and laptop computer.
We never charge for a tech call if the issue is a ChurchPro issue.
Two weeks ago I ask the lady to press the tab key on the key board. She asked me where is the tab key? I patiently told her it was in the upper left corner of her key board. Will ChurchPro be difficult to her?
ChurchPro can be used as a simple checkbook manager with one fund. When you get into multiple funds and balance sheets there are some basics people must learn. We are glad to help. That’s why we have thousands of customers who like ChurchPro. We have very few returns on our software simply because we help people if they call. It amazes me that those who have a problem with ChurchPro NEVER CALL FOR HELP. The file past its end problem takes 5 minutes to fix. It does not render ChurchPro useless.
It is incorrect to say that ChurchPro uses unnecessary words on reports. The IRS requires a disclaimer on giving receipts. It must state that the only benefit you received for this contribution is a religious benefit.
Some of the comments on this and other websites are related to our 2009 version. This is 10 years old from our 2019 version. These comments should be taken with a grain of salt.
We follow a strict 30-day refund policy. We make the full program a free download with a record limitation. A person can take up to 6 months or more trying our software before purchase and after purchase we give them an additional 30 days to get money back. Some want to blame us for not giving the money back after the deadline. We must be fair to everyone. We feel it is our Christian duty to treat everyone the same. I know it is God’s money, but a person should have perhaps tried it before purchase and prayed about it before purchase. AND ESPECIALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE 90 DAYS OF FREE TECH SUPPORT once the purchase is made.
To be fair to us people should call and allow us to answer your questions and solve your problems before trashing us in a public forum. People are liable for inaccurate and false statements about our software. We are watching and will monitor this and other website closely for false statements. We will be a blessing to you if you call us at 919 585-2690 or 443-640-6181 or email me at

I am the Owner of this Website
by: Vickey

This is not a bogus site. I built this site in 2009 and spent more hours than I could ever count to build a site helpful for churches everywhere.

I try to build pages that I need as a church treasurer including pages like this to allow other church admins to express their opinions about different things...including software.

Personally, I have never used ChurchPro, so I have not commented on this particular thread.

BUT I did see that there are people who really like it and people that do not.

I do NOT make up ANYTHING! I do not own an accounting software company (just a bookkeeping company for churches and nonprofits), so I am not sure what you are referring to with this comment "allows negative comments about their competition while building up their product".

If you are referring to my spreadsheets, I do not in any sense of the word consider them competition for ANY accounting software and stress that they are for very small churches or start ups ... until they can afford to get a good double entry accounting system.

I do allow everyone to express their opinion...rude or not...and only delete comments if they don't follow the I'm leaving yours up and hoping people who read it will pray about it and read more on my site before jumping to the conclusion that my site is bogus.

Correction For Above post
by: Anonymous

My apologies for above post There is an about page but still suspect about a link asking has anyone heard about...???

This is a bogus website
by: Anonymous

It makes up or allows negative comments about their competition while building up their product. There is no About (Company) information on this site. THIS SHOULD BE A RED FLAG. Further more references to some software are 10 years old. Who are these people????

ChurchPro Software a big mistake & expensive
by: Charles Thornton

Our small church bought ChurchPro 2009 which was very expensive for the Church. After 5 years of trying to use it by others, it was dumped to me and it is impossible to use to the extent it should have been designed. I mainly used it to record giving and then save the data.rtf to Word & copied to Excel to use as input to Word merge our giving detail and receipts to members. ChurchPro reports waste too much ink & paper and add unnecessary words for a proper giving report. Churchpro failed and I tried to restore a previous backup and received "An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end" which jammed my computer resulting in having to hold down the power button and restarting my computer. ChurhPro no longer works and I will have to use Microsoft Access, Excel and Word for all of the church accounting. ChurchPro was a waste of needed funds from the beginning.

Longtime user
by: Anonymous

I'm Administrative Asst for a very small church. We have been using ChurchPro for almost 10 years. I've been using it for 5 years. The previous admin hated it because he never took the time to learn how to use it. I attended one of their seminars and it made a world of difference. The "manuals" have gotten a lot better and they are always open to suggestions to improve their product and service. I like this program & have never had an issue with customer support - and I have asked some really dumb ?s. Paying per year for customer support is definitely worth it - pays for itself with a couple calls. It may seem high but the price balances out the fairly low cost of the software. I preorder upgrades every 2-3 years and order just tax upgrades in the years between upgrades (you can get just tax upgrades for 2 years after a complete upgrade). We don't even come close to utilizing the program to it's full potential - yet. :)

Not User Friendly
by: Pastor

#1 I work for the Lord not a competitor.

We are a smaller congregation of 100 people. Church Pro has a lot of features, but the learning curve is long and tedious.

No one wants to use it. We were unable to use the texting feature, because you have to know some type of code for each of the phone providers.

We ended up paying for a seperate text,email,phone contact program from "One Call Now" and EZ Texting.

They want you to pay for customer support, and they are not very friendly.

We originally bought the 2009 version and paid full price, before we were able to even use CP it was on sale for 1/2 price. They did not honor the sale price with us.

A few years later We had to upgrade to CP 2014 and pay an additional $249, because the 2009 disc we had would not load on our new PC.

The 2014 version is a little easier. Bottom line would be Good if CP offered free support like other software vendors I've used.


Church Pro SCAMS
by: Anonymous

Church Pro is not so bad once you figure out how to use it but I too used it for a small church however it is not user friendly and when I ordered they sent no manual and when I realized I was supposed to have a manual and inquired I was instructed to go online and download a copy....reality they should have sent complete package and I have yet to locate additional software. I am NOT a competitor and the sales people are rude!!! To cap it off tech support is radically expensive!

Not a fan
by: Anonymous

I am a secretary at a small church and we have had churchPro for about 3 years. I started working at the church right about 4 months after it was purchased so i had nothing to do with the setup. There is so much you can possibly do, only if it wasn't so complicated. The instruction manual is missing so much info. If you can't figure something out, then you have to call them and pay $50 for service.

Owner ChurchPro
by: Dennis R Keen

Beware of anonymous post and reviews with no links.

ChurchPro will upgrade from any version. Who ever is writing this stuff about ChurchPro is sadly telling untruths. We give a liberal 90 days of free tech support and a free 20 miniute walk through to get you up and running. ChurchPro's low price for an All-In-One system causes our competitors to have to make up stuff about ChurchPro to sell their product. Out staff in entirely Chrisitan and it is never our intention to be rude to anyone. If you feel you have please send me an email at ChurchPro has thousnands of user world wide and we have been in business over 18 years and PROVEN IN THE WORK PLACE.

Caution about ChurchPro
by: Anonymous

Very compicated. Tech support rude and unhelpful. May be OK for a large church with a big budget to pay for tech support.

If you buy, be sure you are getting a basic program, and not an upgrade. Upgrades will not work unless you have the most current previous version. Importing data into upgrade very tricky.

Not intuitive (not user-friendly).

by: Anonymous

I am a Pastor's wife/Acoounts payable of a small church of about 125 people. We bought church pro and I have been trying to learn how to use it and it is extremely complicated so far.
It is not a simple program to maneuver through.
It makes me frustrated.
Every simple thing I want to do has these complicated steps I need to go through.
I can see I will need to spend hours reading the manual and training myself on how to use this.
We might need to end up paying for training.
Our accounting is very small and we only need a simple accounting program.
I am busy and wanted something simple and easy to use.
If I end up having success with this program I will post back. I have only been working with it for one month.

Church Pro
by: Anonymous

We are have been using this software for years and is very easy to use. The accounting section is great.

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