2 year rule

by Nikki P

My husband and I went into ministry 6 years ago. When I filed our taxes with H&R Block, I inquired about why we were paying self-employment taxes.

I was rudely told by the manager that "pastors have to pay taxes too." So, not having an accounting degree or something, I figured this was just an error made by the government.

Are there exemptions made for the 2 year rule? We truly believe that this is really not good stewardship of the money God has given to us. Also, a number of religious/political reasons. Thank you!

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Past the 2 Year Window
by: Vickey

That's sad that the tax preparer was so rude, but you have to file the 4361 form within 2 years of receiving income from your ministry.

I don't know of any "loophole" to get around that =(

You may try contacting a CPA that is knowledgable regarding minister's taxes such as http://www.ministrycpa.com/ or https://www.nonprofit-tax.com/

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