by Donna

Our church separated the designated Cemetery Fund into it's own checking account. The church paid a landscaping company for the work that was done on the church's side and the Cemetery's checking account paid the same landscaping company for the maintenance on the cemetery's side. In issuing a 1099 misc, would the church & cemetery combine the amounts for one 1099 form?

Thanks for your help

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1099 to companies
by: Mirian

Yes, companies can receive a 1099. This is stated in the instructions for the 1099MISC Form.

1099's to a company?????
by: Anonymous in NC

It is my understanding that 1099's are issued to individuals, not companies. If you paid an individual $600+ to do landscaping, then yes the payments could be combined from the two funds you mentioned. If a company's employees are doing landscaping at your church, then it is that companies responsibility to send a W-2 to those landscape workers.

by: Sandi


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