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Overwhelmed with the accounting part of your ministry?

Have a high turnover of individuals keeping the books?

Hiring a full time in-house bookkeeper not affordable or even a possibility at this time?

Let us take care of your books! 

Thank you so much for your willingness to engage in getting our accounts set up and cleaned up. I have been feeling so overwhelmed. You truly have been an answer to prayer!

I pray that our Father blesses you ten-fold for all that you've done for us. May your business be a huge success in helping others and encouraging them to get thier financial foundation built and functioning well for His glory.

It is a joy to work with Vickey and I am so thankful to have someone leading the way that I am confident in and trust.

Stephanie, Acts Church, Waco, TX

Benefits of Hiring an Outside Bookkeeper

1. Saves money: Outsourcing your bookkeeping is an efficient way to have a competent and knowledgable individual handling your books without having to hire a full time in-house employee.  

2. Peace of mind: Outsourcing to a skilled and knowledgeable bookkeeping service such as Vickeys Bookkeeping Inc is placing your books in the hands of an individual that knows fund accounting and best practices. When we see something that is not being handled correctly, we will let you know and offer suggestions on how to do it legally and more efficiently.

3. Accuracy: Know that your books are set up right and transactions are being entered and classified correctly.

4. Internal controls: It is unwise to have just one individual writing the checks, keeping the books, and reconciling. See more on internal controls.

5. Gain Time: Outsourcing your bookkeeping will free up more of your valuable time, so you can do what you do best ... grow your ministry or nonprofit! 

Vickey was a pleasure to work with. She was always readily available at any giving moment and always very pleasant. Vickey's knowledge and wisdom was so helpful to us and we couldn't of asked for a better person to help us get our account setup properly. I highly recommend Vickey to any organization or business.     

-Dee Cashman, Treasurer BUMC

Vickeys Bookkeeping Inc specializes in bookkeeping services for smaller churches and nonprofits.

We offer the following bookkeeping packages:

  1. Accounting System Set Up: We will set your church up an effective and SIMPLIFIED accounting system in an online accounting software such as Aplos or QuickBooks Online (QBO). 
  2. Full Service Bookkeeping: This package includes data entry, donation tracking, account reconciliations, reports and much more. See a full list of the services on VickeysBookkeeping.com
  3. Support Service Bookkeeping: This package includes account reconciliations, reports and up to 2 hours of support emails, phone calls, and screen shares.
  4. Aplos Training: This package includes a 2 hour training session with me. Through a remote screen sharing session, we will go through each module in Aplos and ensure your staff members are using the software to its fullest potential. I will also answer questions regarding church accounting and ministers' compensation...time permitting.

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