Spreadsheet Question

(Chapel Hill, NC )

I feel silly asking this question, but I am new to the Treasurer position at our new church.

I am very excited to find your spreadsheets and am well versed in Excel.

What I am not sure about is why you have Income #1 and Income #2 and Expense #1, #2 etc. Can you give me examples of how you would use these separately?

vickey's reply

You will need to personalize the spreadsheets by typing in the categories you need for your church.
For Example: type "Offerings" in income 1 and "Fundraisers" or "Other Income “in income 2.

Then type "Salaries" in expense 1, "Office Supplies" in expense 2, "Sunday School Supplies" in 3, "Insurance" in 4, etc.

Hope this helps!

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