Never a problem

by David Miller
(Knoxville, TN)

I have used these spreadsheets and other info found on this site. It has without a doubt helped me tremendously. While I have a mathematical background with my degree, the whole topic of church accounting frightened me. Not fright from lack of knowledge of how to build a spreadsheet, but rather fear of not doing things "right". You calmed those fears. And I have NEVER had a problem with any of your downloads. Ever.

Vickey's Reply

Thank you, David.

The wonderful people I have met through this site have been a tremendous blessing to me also.

When God laid the idea of this site on my heart years ago....I thought I might be able to help out a few small churches with some accounting information and the spreadsheets. I could not have even imagined how big it would become or how blessed I would be for it.

I have sent out my free spreadsheets to over 10,000 diferent churches and nonprofits in over 100 different countries worldwide. I also have thousands of churches all over this world praying for my husband. I am extremely blessed!

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