Ms. Vickie's Spreadsheets

by Phillicia

I don't personally know Ms. Vickie, but when I stumbled upon her website, I stumbled upon a blessing!
God is blessing this family and using Ms. Vickie to better his world. The spreadsheet I looked at and found very helpful was for budgeting.

When surfing the net, you have to be careful and prayerful and when in doubt, do without.

Thank God for people like Ms. Vickie and I pray that she will continue to do God's will and work in His ways.

May God continue to bless her and use her and may He continue to strengthen and heal her husband! Marker down to 99 from 1725????? If that's not a blessing, I don't know what is! Miracles do happen if you believe and have faith the size of a mustard seed! Yet, some people still have doubts. We must keep praying and witnessing.

Thank you Ms. Vickie for you witnessing and testifying and for reaching back to help others. That's what it's all about. When I see you in Heaven, I'll know you!

Vickey's Reply

I have met some of the most wonderful people through this website. If I never get to meet any of you in person here on this earth....I do so look forward to meeting each and every one of you in Heaven.

Phillicia...thank you for the kind words. God is doing great things for my husband and me and I sincerely believe it is because of the prayers of my brothers and sisters from all over the world.

Feeling really blessed!

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