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Downloading Free Spreadsheets

by Deborah
(Massillon, OH)

Thank you for sharing your helpful information with us. It is very much appreciated.

My initial attempt to dismiss the spreadsheets gave me a message that the files were corrupted. Being that I am an IT Specialist, I decided to try again a week later. I received the same msg. I did not bother to try again, just assumed you had old junk on your website. After receiving your email about your new spreadsheet review page, I have decided to try again, particularly because I am having any problems with any other download offerings from any other sites.


Oh Deborah, I am so sorry. If you will contact me with your email address and if you need the 2003 or 2007 spreadsheets, I'll email them to you.

I think I have the problem solved now as I figured out a way to upload them to my site.

Thank you for informing me of the problem.


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