Housing Allowance/Clergy Tax Package 

Housing Allowance Package

A housing allowance is the greatest tax benefit available to ministers. It is also one of the least understood.

Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code allows “ministers of the gospel” to exclude some or all of their ministerial income designated by their church as a housing allowance from income for federal income tax purposes.

This section of the Internal Revenue Code has been in existence for over 50 years, but there are still some ministers and churches that have never heard of this great tax benefit for ministers.

The Housing Allowance Package includes an ebook to help you understand more about a housing allowance, how to set one up, and how to maintain it.

Plus the package includes a workbook for the minister that will aid in keeping track of their eligible housing expenses.

  • How often should a housing allowance form be updated?
  • Can I live in parsonage and take housing allowance on 2nd property?
  • 6 more Questions and Answers from the Housing Allowance section of this site.


  • Sample of a Housing Allowance Resolution
  • Housing Allowance Estimate Worksheet
  • Housing Allowance Notification

plus 2 Free Bonuses!

(A spreadsheet to help you track housing expenses)

All the monthly data will automatically carry over to the annual worksheet, so come tax time you will have all your data totaled and ready for the church treasurer and/or tax professional.

Note: Must have MS Excel, Numbers, or free spreadsheet software from openoffice.org installed on your computer to download these two spreadsheets!


Clergy (Minister) Tax Guide

This 16-page eBook contains:

  • Determining who is a minister for tax purposes
  • Special tax treatment for ministers
  • Paying Social Security and Medicare taxes under the SECA system
  • Opting out of social security
  • Misclassification of ministers


Top 10 Clergy Tax Q&A

  • Self-Employment Tax Matched
  • Employee or Nonemployee
  • Are we required to pay the Pastor a salary?
  • Can the ministry pay for clothing that is worn to preach?
  • 6 more Q&As regarding ministers taxes from this site.

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